Chat, Play and Practice: Play with Purpose

December 15, 2019

Play with Purpose:


Chat, Play, and Practice


Welcome to Tuesday Talking Tips, a weekly blog all about helping you help your child be able to share their awesome ideas in ways everyone can understand.  


This week, we are continuing our series about ways to turn everyday activities into speech practice opportunities.  Last week I demonstrated how to turn any toys or games with several parts into a way to build motivation to practice sounds, words, or sentences.  Grab your lego, collect a bunch by practicing, then play.....


Well today we're looking at what to do while you play.  


Step 1: Get right into it.  


I want you to be in it.  Have toys in your hands, talk about what's happening, be a character, just get right into it.  This makes it so much more fun for your child and they will be way more willing to try sounds when you ask them to than if you are a voice from above asking them to fix their sounds. 


Step 2: Plan ahead


Know what your goal is and think of 2-3 words that will likely come up during play (or that you can make come up during play) that contain the sound you want to work on. 


Step 3: Set up for success


Have a good idea of the help your child will need to say the sound correctly.  If they need you to say it first, or need you to remind them to do their "snake sound" for 's'  or "back sound" for 'k', be ready to do that before they say it wrong and need to go back and fix it.  Here's a little script for working on /k/ at the ends of words for example:

       "I need a red block. Hey did you hear my back sound?  block (you exaggerate the 'k' sound, or give another cue if needed).  Can you say it with a back sound?"  If your child is working on the phrase level, remember that you're going to ask him/her to repeat the phrase, not just the word. 


When kids are successful, they stick with it.  Support as much as needed for success to start, then fade out the help to build independence.  Check out my Facebook live Video on this topic.

Play with Purpose Screenshot