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Thanks for your interest in the Speech Sound Synergy Program, where you will maximize connection to guide your child to clear speech.

I’ve developed a signature methodology to help parents feeling worried, frustrated and helpless about their child’s difficulty speaking clearly become equipped, assured, and empowered to lead their child on a loving path to clear speech. 

My purpose is to empower you to help your child share amazing ideas in ways everyone can understand in this online coaching program.



• Maximize your connection with your child to create a strong base for speech practice that doesn’t lead to behaviour battles or power struggles.

• Develop a solid bank of activities, unique for your child, that will motivate and inspire.

• Choose an achievable goal for your child and will know how to choose the next one.

• Work through a progression that ultimately will lead from sounds to conversation.

• Have a framework you can replicate to carry you through your child’s journey to clear speech.

• Learn to layer speech practice into the quality time you crave.

• Find freedom from waiting for others to fix it for you.

• Approach you child’s therapy with calm confidence, knowing you have what you need to guide and support.



You recognize your power as the most important person in your child’s life to create real and lasting change.

You and your partner want a program where it is easy to be equally involved.

Your child is three years or older with a speech sound disorder.

You’re waiting to see a speech-language pathologist and want to get started now.

You’ve started speech therapy but feel you have more to offer to the process.

Attending therapy sessions in your community is difficult due to time, or distance, or your other children.

You’re ready to create a fun and loving space for your child to move toward clear speech at home.


Book a Speech Sound Synergy discovery call here